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A spiritually oriented service organization, Nachiketa Tapovan, formed in 1999, is the fruit of an inner calling of Pujya Swami Nachiketananda Puri. The teachings of great souls like Sri Ramakrishna Paramhamsa , Sarada Devi and Swami Vivekanada and many other masters have been the inspiration and drive behind Nachiketa Tapovan.

As Mahatma Gandhi said : " The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others". Apart from helping the economically downtrodden by providing free quality education and health care, the main aim is also to serve by spreading spiritual values amongst the society and thus help lighten, brighten and enlighten their lives.

Swami Nachiketananda's motto is :
"Work silently,
For those who are silent from ages together...
Be simple and humble,
While showing them the divine path...
Be sincere and dedicated,
While making them stand on their own feet...
That is the way to serve...
That is the way to get blessed...
That is the way to express divinity."

Vidya Mandir Our complete school
"Vidya Danam Mahaa Danam" - Educate, Empower and Enlighten.
More than 240 children from weaker sections of society receive light in the form of our completely free school with a curriculum that nourishes them physically, mentally and spiritually.

Apart from education and hygiene they are given vocational training and are exposed to spiritual upliftment in the form of Satsanga and Meditation.

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Nachiketa Ashrama A haven for the spiritual mind
Tucked away in the rural village of Kodgal in Mehboobnagar District of Andhra Pradesh, Nachiketa Ashrama is the place for quite reflection, rejuvenation and spiritual activity.

It is a center for service, discipline and inner development. Living at the Ashram is an experience in "Simple living, high thinking". It is also here that 'karma yoga' is practised intensely by striving to provide a better quality of life to the rural population.

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Sanjeevani Free Medical Services
Since its inception, Nachiketa Tapovan had been conducting "Sanjeevani", a free dispensary scheme where free medical consultation and free medication is given to the poor and needy. Special health and awareness camps are also conducted for the people in nearby slums.

In order to reach the rural masses who have no access to cost free quality health care, health camps and dispensaries are also established in the Kodgal village in Jadcherla Mandal, Mehboobnagar District, near Hyderabad .

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Crafts sale By the kids , For the kids
Our mission is to inspire underprivileged children by bringing positive and creative experiences into their lives . Various arts and crafts are taught. This helps provide for the allround development of a child and also lets them use idle time constructively along with paving the way for "self-entrepreneurship".

Children from Vidya Mandir are taught to make items out of eco-friendly, recycled material . Sale proceeds directly benefit their education and the school.

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